Our History

"I felt sure, that if the best staff and field force could be recruited, there would be an opportunity for me to remain in Sask. and work with my own type of people. I never regretted it”.


Over 100 Years

Marshall Young’s words still hold true today, our people are what make us the best and we are appreciative that they care about our customers, show our value and practice safety each day. That’s what has allowed Alliance Energy to be so successful in the electrical industry for over 100 years. Beginning with Sun Electric in 1913 as a storefront electric supplier in Regina, evolving into electrical services, and eventually branching out to Saskatoon allowing for province wide delivery in the service, special projects, commercial and industrial markets.


  1. On April 21st, 1913, John Marshall Young. incorporated the Sun Electrical Company, Ltd. in Regina, Sask.
  2. Since the Sun Electrical Company, Ltd. was formed in 1913, the company has been renamed and restructured:  Sun Electrical Company, Ltd., Sun Electric Ltd., Young Electric, Sun Electric (1975) Ltd., Sun Alta, Mancon Holdings Ltd. and currently, Alliance Energy Limited.
  3. In 1926, Sun Electric captured a contract that would change the course of the company – the Hotel Saskatchewan. The construction of this high tech hotel saw the employment of 1000 labourers, working around the clock for eleven months until its completion.
  4. On January 21st, 1930, the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix announced a $1 million dollar permit issued to build a hotel for the CNR – the largest single permit ever in the city. And so, the Bessborough Hotel was born. The general contractor had 41 subcontractors working on the hotel, including the electrical company from Regina, the Sun Electrical Co., Ltd.
  5. In 1963 Sun Electric completed the electrical contract on the SaskPower Building in Regina. The building was very unique in many ways. This would be the largest job they had ever bid on – the electrical contract was $750,000, which in the ’60s was considered a major project. Alliance Energy has since renovated this building in 2022.
  6. By the early 1970s, Marshall Young, the majority owner of Sun Electric in Regina and Young Electric in Saskatoon, relied heavily on six of his key employees, who he referred to as “The Magnificent Six.”:  J. W. (Bud) McLellan, Tom Leverick, Mel McEwen, Stan Murkett, Turk Dixon and Irene Wilkie. In 1975 Marshall sold the company to this group.
  7. Paul McLellan, Bryan Leverick, Bob McEwen and Darryl McCubbin became the first new shareholders in the early 1980s as their responsibilities in the company grew, signaling a new era.
  8. On October 12th, 1983, Alliance Energy was formed, with Paul McLellan as President, Bryan Leverick as Vice-President, and Darryl McCubbin as Treasurer. Bud McLellan continued as the companies’ General Manager of operations with Tom Leverick retaining his position of Branch Manager of the companies in Saskatoon.
  9. Sun Electric was one of the first construction businesses in Saskatchewan to qualify for COR in 1996.
  10. By the mid-2000s, Alliance Energy and Sun Electric (1975) Ltd. were the largest electrical contractor in Saskatchewan, recording over $37,000,000 in gross annual sales in 2006.
  11. In 2011 Alliance Energy participated in its largest project to date, a multi-year Joint Venture with PCL Industrial at the Agrium Potash plant in Vanscoy, Sask., employing over 1000 electricians. The project value of this project was $225,000,000.
  12. On January 1st, 2013, the three companies of Alliance Energy, Sun Electric (1975) Ltd. and Mancon Holdings Ltd. amalgamated into one – Alliance Energy Limited.  It signified an alliance of companies, people, and the top electrical talent in Saskatchewan.
  13. April 1st, 2022, Chad Waldner and Chad Leverick assume Co-CEO roles as former CEO’s Paul McLellan and Bryan Leverick retire (2020 and 2022).
Please see our 100 year book to read the full story on the history of the company.
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