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Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has added a new exhibit of a replica Tyrannosaurus Rex named “Scotty”. Approximately 65% of Scotty’s fossilized bones were found in the early 1990’s in Canada’s Badlands. Scotty roamed the earth 70 million years ago which makes it the largest and oldest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever to roam the earth.

The display is almost two stories high and required the removal of a section of the 2nd floor to accommodate its size. Alliance Energy provided services to relocate the electrical running through the section of floor and the ceiling below. Fire alarm, sound, security camera systems, lighting and power circuitry were all affected and required relocation. New dimmable LED potlights were installed on both levels, exit fixtures were relocated and a general cleanup of the ceiling space was necessary after many years of changes within the lower area of the ceiling.

Photos courtesy of Bruce Lozinsky

Project Detail

Regina, SK
General Contractor:
PCL Construction Management Inc.
Electrical Engineer:
Alfa Engineering Ltd.
Electrical Budget: