Cameco McArthur River Uranium Mine Industrial Projects


Cameco McArthur River Uranium Mine

This contract covered the addition of two wings and a common area for the mine site permanent camp. The addition included approximately 260 rooms in Wings E and F of the camp. Alliance Energy interconnected the modular units that were installed by Modus Modular Systems, added a kitchen addition and renovated the existing kitchen.

Alliance Energy’s scope of work included additions and modifications to the existing electrical service:

  • One 2000A 600V CDP2
  • 400A 600 V CDP4
  • 600A 120/208V CDP
  • One 800A 120/208V CDP1
  • 1000 A 120/208V CDP7
  • 600V 3P MCC multi section units
  • Four 208V 3P MCC multi section units
  • Thirty four 120/208V lighting/power panels
  • One 250 kW 600V emergency generator/transfer switch/load bank

Location: McArthur River, SK
General Contractor: Cameco
Electrical Engineer: Morrison Hershfield
Electrical Budget: $3,400,000

McArthur River Freeze Plant, Phases 3 & 5

Phase 5 of this contract included the installation of a Cimco supplied freeze plant complete with one electrical control room skid, two 800HP 4160V compressors with enclosures and two condenser units and interconnecting wiring. There was also a new pumphouse building complete with 1200A 4160V MCC, 4160V VFD’s, two 4160V 600HP pumps, one 600V 225A CDP, 120/208V panel, lighting and power. Alliance Energy supplied, installed and wired the instrumentation for both areas.

Phase 3 of this contract was to upgrade the existing brine pump system. We replaced the three 125 HP 600V pumps with two 200 HP 600V pumps and also replaced the instrumentation to suit the new piping.

Location: McArthur River, SK
General Contractor: Tron Power Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Tetra Tach
Electrical Budget: $1,700,000

Project Detail

McArtur River, SK
General Contractor:
Electrical Engineer:
Electrical Budget:
$5,100,000 (combined)