Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Potash Mines

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Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Potash Mines

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Cory Hazluk Lighting Replacement

Alliance Energy’s scope included the replacement of the mounting arms for 1,475 Nema 4X fixtures in nine areas of the new expansion as well as the installation of 75 station mount fixtures. These fixtures were in an operating potash mill so minimum lighting levels had to be maintained for operations staff to continue working.

Location: PCS Cory Mine
General Contractor: Alliance Energy Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: PCS Cory/AMEC
Electrical Budget: $750,000

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Allan Duct Bank Phase 1

Alliance Energy’s installed 460 lineal feet of duct bank between two existing buildings through two underground vaults.  The work also included the installation of 42 x 6″ FRE conduits and two 4/0 ground wire throughout and two conduits (1 x 5″ and 1 x 4″) in the new switchgear building.

Location: PCS Allan Mine
General Contractor: CM Management and Engineers Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: AMEC
Electrical Budget: $450,000

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Rocanville Security and Maintenance Building

This project covers a new maintenance and two-storey security building.  Alliance Energy’s scope of work included:

  • installation of lighting, branch, fire alarm, telephone and data
  • 2, 600V MCC’s, pumps, fans and MUA units
  • 600 – 120/208V 3 Phase – 11 transformers
  • 600 and 120/208V 3 Phase – 12 panels
  • new PLC/DCS panels

Location: PCS Rocanville Mine
General Contractor: Graham Construction
Electrical Engineer: AMEC
Electrical Budget: $1,250,000

Project Detail

Various Locations
General Contractor:
Electrical Engineer:
Electrical Budget:
$5,100,000 (combined)