SaskTel Energy Centre, Saskatoon Commercial Projects


SaskTel Energy Centre, Saskatoon

SaskTel Electrical Distribution Modernization Main Exchange

The scope of work for this project included all electrical services as well as new service switchgear, 600V distribution switchgear, 208V distribution switchgear; power feeders to interconnect existing building load to new distribution equipment, a new master control system complete with generation paralleling controls and addition of a ventilation system for the new electrical room. 

Alliance Energy also modified the existing generation switchgear and generation unit as well as the existing vertical bus duct system.  We also decommissioned the existing electrical service, medium voltage switchgear, mechanical switchgear, essential switchgear, normal switchgear, back-up unit switchgear, 208V UPS system and horizontal bus duct system.

Location: Saskatoon, SK

General Contractor: Kim Constructors Ltd.

Electrical Engineer: KGS Group

Electrical Budget: $6,000,000

SaskTel UPS at Main Exchange

The work covered by this contract included installation of a new 1100 KW UPS system complete with maintenance bypass switchgear equipment, battery disconnect breaker and battery system, new power feeders to interconnect the new UPS system to existing switchgear and distribution pane, new 200A static switch and associated breakers, transformers and cabling to feed an existing CDP, new breakers, and power feeders.

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Owner: SaskTel Corporate Services

Electrical Engineer: KGS Group

Electrical Budget: $1,000,000

SaskTel Generator Replacement Upgrade

The job included the supply and installation of a 3.25MW diesel powered generator, which at the time was the biggest generator Cummins makes and was the first one sold in Canada.  This generator went into the existing SaskTel data centre on the 3rd floor so the roof had to be removed and a very large crane was used to hoist it into place.  Once installed we tied it into the existing distribution, that we did in a prior contract, which had a master controller that can control and parallel both generators in the building depending on the demand.  This job took a considerable amount of planning, shutdowns, commissioning and we had to work closely with the owner to make it work.

Location: Saskatoon, SK

General Contractor: PCL Construction Management Inc.

Electrical Engineer: KGS Group

Electrical Budget: $2,000,000

Project Detail

Saskatoon, SK
General Contractor:
Electrical Engineer:
Electrical Budget:
$9,000,000 (combined)